Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She's Ba-a-a-ack!

After being MIA for a while, Canada's Queen Censor, Jennifer Lynch, appears to be back in the saddle. Maybe. I think. Anyway, she's back for the purposes of serving as the figurehead in the CHRC's just-dropped Annual Report. Here's part of her message to us, her minions, the little people:
...Canada is considered a world leader in human rights because we have the processes to address discrimination and provide access to justice. Canada can also attribute its strong human rights record to the network of organizations that promote human rights and support marginalized members of society. These organizations serve as human rights defenders and play a vital role in maintaining and improving human rights in Canada.

United Nations Human Rights Day in 2010 highlighted the contributions of human rights defenders and emphasized the importance of government support for their work. In recent years, some human rights defenders working in Canada have lost that support. As a result, it may become more difficult for society to support Canadians whose rights have not been respected.

Citizens share a common responsibility to speak out against discrimination and exclusion.

The people who work for the Commission take this responsibility very seriously, both as public servants and as Canadians. I am inspired by their passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. It is a privilege to lead a group so dedicated to promoting the values of equality, dignity and respect.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Er, sorry. Nodded off there for a sec. ("Human rights" bromides tend to have that effect on me.) Now that I'm awake again I'd like to point out two things. First, Zion-loathing NGO Amnesty International Canada begs to differ with la Lynch's assessment of our "human rights" prominence/pre-eminence (with Harper still around, it's not nearly Zion-loathing enough for AI's taste). Second, if "some human rights defenders" have lost support in recent years, it's because some Canadians are finally waking up to the fact that state censorship and our demented "human rights" apparatus (offshoots, granted, of our deranged policy of multiculturalism) are moving us away from Western ideals of freedom and liberty and closer to the modus operandi of unfree societies (the Soviets, countries that heed sharia, etc.).

Ms. Lynch wants you to think that she and her "human rights" ilk are bold warriors, fending off the slings and arrows of dissenting dissers who are trying to bring down a noble system. In fact, she's got it ass-backward again. We, the Canadians who are fed up with these officious mediocrities, these shakedown artists, bossing us around are on the right side of history--the "refuseniks," so to speak--while she and the other apparatchiks are trying to shore up the privileges that come with their cushy gig--the shmancy conferences, the summer homes on the Baltic and the like.

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Revnant Dream said...

I guess when you have Libya, or the Sudanese being the folks in charge of Human Rights in the UN. With other genital female mutilators, whippings, slavery, honor killings. Lynch must feel right in the grove. On the edge of the Human rights cult towards Sharia.
Is she an Honorary Muslim now?
Being a Marxist in nature, mass murder is just buisness as usual. No wonder she feels so at home in the UN. Its her kinda people.As long as the Aristocrats & fanatics of the UN keep her ear full of wax over their own atrocities. She seems comfortable with that.
After all the Human rights they call for are anti-Human.