Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's Final Word on The Mausoleum

So now, finally, I get it. Izzy Asper had wanted to build a Holocaust museum, but having run into this sort of objection from your garden variety Jew/Zion-loather, agreed to settle for a "human rights" museum where the Holocaust would be granted pride of place, so to speak. The result: utter incoherence; a museum that, in hitching the Holocaust to the turkey of contemporary "human rights," has slipped the bonds of reason.

One wishes that once Asper and/or his successors realized his vision for a Holocaust edifice was never going to be realized he/they had had the wisdom to pack it in then and there. Instead, something--hubris? stubborness?--allowed them to compromise that vision, and all the ensuing lunacy, and needless expense, has been the result.

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