Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why 'Ixnay on the KKK' Won't Do the Trick

Fired up by a brilliant post by my pal Closet Conservative, Mark Steyn 'splains why the Ceej's "make the hate disappear" strategy won't work:
The message of Bernie Farber's lawsuit is: Keep the David Duke stuff under your hat, and it won't cause any problems when we're sitting next to each other at the Greater Toronto multifaith falafel fest.
I gather the conversation at such interfaith repasts goes something like this: "Pass the tasty samosas, imam." "Don't mind if I do, Jew."

Or something like that.

Anyhoo--CC and Steyn are right. Just because the KKK stuff has been removed from the CASMO site (on the advice of its lawyers, one suspects) doesn't make these Khomeinists an iota less hateful, or their Zionhass any less repugnant.

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