Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Big "Wynne" for Sharia

Remember the old riddle "Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? A: Practice, pracice, practice"? Well, we can update it for Kathleen Wynne, the former Ontario Education Minister who won (again) in the mosqueteria riding:
Wynne enjoys hefty name recognition in all corners of the riding — from economically depressed Thorncliffe Park to tony Leaside — thanks to a long stint as education minister. Though her last portfolio was transportation minister, at doorsteps she leaned heavily on education planks of McGuinty’s platform — particularly the Liberal plan to implement full-day daycare, often mentioning her involvement in that policy.
Don Valley West also has one of the highest proportions of Muslim constituents in the country, and Wynne courted the demographic by helping secure $1.5 million for a cricket field. She also attracted controversy because she supports the Toronto District School Board’s decision to use cafeteria space in Valley Park Middle School for a weekly prayer service run by an imam. Critics said public schools should be free of private religion; school staff said children who left for Friday prayer often failed to return to class.
How do you get to Queen's Park? In Kathleen Wynne's case you pander, pander, pander.

Update: And speaking of panderers (and bigots)....

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