Sunday, October 9, 2011

U of T Helps Totalitarian Saud Family Consolidate Hold on Power

It should come as no surprise that the institution which gave birth to the "Israel Apartheid Week," a campus movement which has since metastasized worldwide, should crawl between the sheets with the horrid Wahhabis:
Pilgrims to Makkah will be able to make their way to the Grand Mosque by cable car in the future. A project is underway to develop a cable car system to ease traffic congestion in the holy city.
A touch of modernity is coming to Makkah, birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the holiest city on earth to Muslims. In order to ease the way for pilgrims who visit the city in their millions, a project is underway to introduce cable cars which will link the Grand Mosque with parking facilities.  
According to Ameinfo the scheme is being devised by the Centre of Research and Excellence at Makkah’s Umm Al-Qura University in conjunction with Toronto University’s Transport and Crowd Management Centre. 
Adnan Gutub, director of the Saudi project, emphasized the cable cars will be in addition to existing transport systems, saying
“It’s a support transport system and not an alternative to the existing one,” Arab News reported. He went on to say “Cable car is an economically viable system and will contribute to lessening the congestion on the road,”  
explaining that the geographical location of Makkah, surrounded by mountains, provides favorable conditions for the project. 
Gliding to the Grand Mosque by cable car will be a welcome addition to pilgrims who at times are reliant on making their way on the back of motorbikes which do a brisk business during Hajj...
No doubt. And the great thing about that is that pilgrims never have to mix 'n' mingle with the kafir, since they and their defiling cooties are barred from ever entering the two holy cities over which the dreadful Saud family presides.

You know, sort of like how Muslim landlords in Barbara Hall's Torontostan have been allowed to make their properties Kafirein.

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