Monday, October 10, 2011

Kimball Slams "Anti-Jobs" Obama

Here's Roger Kimball countering Thomas L. Friedman's vapid observations in yesterday's Times. Kimball can't fathom why Silicon Valley types like Jobs and Zuckerberg would be ardent Obama supporters (I can: there's nothing "cool" about being--and even more crucially, being seen to be--Republican), since Obama's world view and modus operandi would stifle the creative urge and hobble American ingenuity--the very creativity, in fact, that brought the world Apple and Facebook:
If Barack Obama has his way — that is, if the policies he has advocated actually become law — another Steve Jobs would be squashed in his garage by government busybodies or (should he miraculously survive) regulated and taxed to death by federal bureaucrats. Steve Jobs was a walking embodiment of the American spirit of innovation. Barack Obama’s entire administration is dedicated to stamping out that spirit. He wants to centralize innovation, punish success, and regulate ingenuity. Obama’s fundamental error is his belief that economic success lies in redistributing rather than in creating wealth. His so-called “Jobs Bill” is in reality an anti-jobs bill. Despite his apparent personal fondness for Steve Jobs, the sad irony is that the bill is also at bottom an anti-Jobs bill.

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