Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome Back Khadr?

Lawyers for Canada's very own homey Omey (Khadr) have began the process that will result, sooner or later, in his repatriation. In "honour" of them all, I thought I'd give this one another spin:

Welcome back!
Jihad was your ticket out.
Welcome back
To the same old land your dad laughed about.
Well, your fam'ly is waitin' with open arms
And the Ceeb is extolling your subtle charms.
Chillin' down in Gitmo
(Chillin' down in Gitmo)
You didn't wanna sit mo'
(You didn't wanna sit mo').
Well, the Lefties all love you
So there's nothin' we can do,
Welcome ba-a-ack.
(Welcome back, welcome back,
Welcome ba-a-ack.)

Update: The obnoxious Kielberger brothers, whose "social justice" agenda has been embraced by the squish-head twits of the Toronto District School Board,  mention Omey in their final Toronto Star column. (The brothers don't reveal why they're leaving the Star, but I for one have never been able to get through one of their windy perorations without feeling the immediate need to take a nap). "We’ve tackled the controversial," they write, including
the proposed burqa ban in France that would no doubt stifle female empowerment. We felt that Omar Khadr, arrested in Afghanistan at age 15 for allegedly killing an American soldier, was unjustly imprisoned for political reasons. And we’ve covered the quirky—investigating socially conscious video games and the capacity for empathy in chimpanzees.
Yeah, wearing an all-encompassing black shroud that means a woman can never feel the sun on her face or the wind in her hair is just soooo empowering--for Muslim men who take the built-in inequities of sharia literally, that is. And fret not, boys: Omey's "unjust" imprisonment (for "political reasons"--those being that he was roped by his dad, a compadre of Osama bin Laden, into waging jihad) is coming to an end.

Mark my words--these young idiots (whose mentor is none other than Zion-disparaging dizzy Des Tutu) are well on their way to winning one of those Norwegian-awarded peace prizes.

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