Sunday, October 9, 2011

Urban "Progressives" v. Rural "Rubes"

David Warren writes:
"Progressive" politics, an essentially urban phenomenon, depends on magical illusions. And as I have learned through my eyes and ears, city folk readily buy into propositions which country folk would immediately identify as lunatic. Chief among these, I think, is the superstitious belief, that there is an immense repository of unearned wealth, that exists in and of itself, like the interior of our planet. It can be used to fund anything we want. And the politician who refuses to tap in, is a "Blue Meanie."

Allied with this is a curious notion about human freedom. It consists once again of magical powers. They are called "rights," and they are conferred by enlightened gnostic forces. An infinite number of rights is available, but once again, the Blue Meanies demur, leaving us in the confined condition of apartment dwellers. But every once in a while, a charismatic politician comes along, who can intercede with these enlightened gnostic forces, and give us the ability to fly.

Out there in Hickville, however, the terms of reference are changed. People are born, pass through childhood, then come of age. They get married, and have children of their own. Then they get old, and die. Meanwhile they live in things called families; and take pleasure in small things, entirely within their means.
The older I get, the more Hickville I become in outlook (Thomas Sowell calls it "the tragic vision"), even though I live in Canada's biggest, most "progessive" city. Taking pleasure in small things--in the quotidian--brings happiness, contentment and peace of mind, something I never ever had when I was a "progressive" (and manifested what Sowell calls a "vision of the annointed").

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