Monday, August 6, 2012

Another "Genius" "Human Rights" Ruling By the B.C. "Injured Feelings" Court

It has ruled that a chick who was let go from her sales job a day after informing her employer that she was pregnant deserves to be compensated, even though the company was in the process of shutting down:
In a ruling issued August 2, the human-rights tribunal determined Moore and BNA Smart Payment Systems discriminated against Kooner-Rilcof by ending her employment. 
“I find that BNA’s expansion into British Columbia was generating little revenue relative to expense, and BNA was looking to cut costs in Ontario and British Columbia,” tribunal member Robert Blasina wrote. “This is indicated by the employee terminations and the Company’s efforts to transform to a workforce of commission-sales representatives.” 
“However, considering all the circumstances of the case, the Respondents have not provided a non-discriminatory explanation for terminating the Complainant’s employment as soon as they learned of her pregnancy.” 
The human-rights tribunal ordered Moore and the company to pay Kooner-Rilcof $3,125 for lost wages and $8,000 for injury to dignity, feelings, and self-respect.
Her "feelings," eh? I have a feeling she probably could have gotten a lot more had she been, say, a pregnant lesbian heckler

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