Thursday, January 8, 2015

Local Muslim Leaders React to Yesterday's Events In the Usual Way

Same old spiel. First, condemn the violence:
Meanwhile, prominent members of Muslim communities in Toronto are condemning the violence. 
“We denounce [the attacks], and we don’t think it is the right away to express anything,” said Dr. Mohammad Iqbal AlNadvi, chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams.
Next, fret about a potential "backlash":
“We hope all groups will maintain order and allow proper authorities to deal with it and that no violent action will be taken against Muslims.”
Don't forget to mention that these are the actions of a few individuals for which Muslims in general bear no responsibility:
The shootings were called a “terrorist attack” by France’s President François Hollande. 
“It’s wrong; I think that’s the reaction of anyone. As a community … why should there be a reaction? These are the acts of individuals, not of all Muslims,” said Dr. Hamid Slimi, imam, resident scholar and founder of Sayeda Khadija Centre.
And it never hurts to raise the specter of a "backlash" again:
Imam Yusuf Badat of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto brushed aside concerns that there may be backlash against Muslim communities due to the attacks. 
“We haven’t seen any backlash, but the discussion goes on, you know?” he said.
For good measure, try to distance these obvious acts of jihad from the jihad imperative written into Islam's holy texts:
“There’s always the, ‘Oh no, another crazy radical group has misused our religion to further their misguided political cause.’”
Rinse, repeat.

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What else do you want or expect them to say?