Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CBC Anti-Israel Animus on Full Display in Derek Stoffel Report Slamming "Birthright"

In yet another of the Ceeb's seemingly endless attacks on Israel, Zion-deplorer/champion of "oppressed" Palestinians Derek Stoffel condemns the Birthright program. Stoffel doesn't like it A) because it is "free" and B) because it doesn't expose young Jews to the "truth" about the Palestinians. (If only the Ceeb devoted as much time and attention to other areas of interest in the world--say, like Saudi Arabia--instead of maintaining an obsessive and exclusive focus on Israel, an obsession which long ago veered into "anti-Judaism" territory.)

Update: Here are a few stories gawdawful Stoffel isn't covering (because he's far too busy capturing Israel's malfeasance).

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