Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Breast Is Best": Another Example of "Settled Science" That Turns Out To Be No Such Thing

You know how there's no denying or arguing with the "scientific" assertion that breast-feeding one's infant is always--always--the best way to go? Best for the bambino's short-and-long-term health, and best for the bambino's bonding with mother? Well, it turns out that when a University of Toronto political science professor named Courtney Jung looked into the matter, she discovered that, shockingly, there was no real science underpinning the pro-breastfeeding hysteria.

Turns out that the whole "breast is best" trope, which Jung explores in her book Lactivism, is more a matter of politics and attitude than it is about valid scientific research (of which, in this particular area, there is nada).

Here's Jung being interviewed about her book on CBC radio.

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