Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood's Latest "Distinction": It's Become a Useful Idiot for the World's Leading Sponsor of Global Terrorism

Iran is in the iron grip of crazed theocrats whose religious eschatology requires Jewry to be dead and gone so as to pave the way for the "return" of their messiah, the 12th imam. To that end, they are in the process of creating a nuke or two to lob at Israel, the country which has the highest Jewish population in the world.

And yet, the "progressive" set care naught about that. What it cares about is ensuring that an Iranian director gets and Oscar, a way to stick it to Trump, they think:
The Iranian director behind Oscar-nominated film The Salesman told about 10,000 protesters in London that solidarity against Donald Trump’s travel ban holds the power to “stand up to fascism, be victorious in the face of extremism”.           
Speaking hours before the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, Asghar Farhadi said the movement against the US president empowered people to “say no to oppressive political powers everywhere”. 
“I am extremely happy that the scattered reactions from people and art communities across the globe shown to the oppressive travel ban of immigrants has developed into a powerful and unified movement,” he told the protest on Sunday night.  
“This solidarity is off to a great start. I hope this movement will continue and spread for it has within itself the power to stand up to fascism, be victorious in the face of extremism and say no to oppressive political powers everywhere.” 
Appearing via videolink from Tehran, and joined by London mayor Sadiq Khan and Palme d’Or winner Mike Leigh, Farhadi said: “We are all citizens of the world and I will endeavour to protect and spread this unity.”
The London screening of The Salesman on Sunday evening was intended to be a show of unity and strength against Trump’s travel ban, which attempted to block arrivals in the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.
The irony that what's really needed is a show of unity and strength against a nuclear, terrorism-sponsoring Iran is obviously lost on these useful idjits.

Update: An example of jihadist intersectionality--the Palestinian ambassador to Iran says,“I Pray to Allah That Iran Will Produce 1,000 Nuclear Bombs.”

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