Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Raheel Raza: "The Tragedy in Quebec Is Being Used for Political Purposes to Further of Implementation of M-103" (the anti-"Islamophobia" Motion)

Of course it is. And, as always, timing is everything. But for the horror in Quebec, this sucker would have never gotten off the ground. Re the move to insert a pivotal bit of sharia law into Canadian now that fans of the law have the opportunity to do so, Ms. Raza comments:
As a Canadian Muslim, I am very concerned about the direction we are headed in. My family and I came to Canada 29 years ago to embrace the values of a liberal democracy, of which freedom of speech is the most vital. M-103 will threaten free speech and goes directly against Canadian values. Canadians must speak out against this attack on their democratic values. But in many cases, people who are not prejudiced against any race or religion, but have concerns about this motion, are probably already feeling intimidated and may well choose to remain silent. This is the problem with motions like M-103. They cannot help but have a chilling effect on free speech and open debate. One need not be a cynic to suspect that’s actually the point, rather than a side effect.
Quite so. And for those who espouse either Islamist or hard leftist dogma--totalitarians to the core, the lot of 'em--our silence is golden.

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