Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Is Right. Sweden's No Eden

Sure, Trump may have screwed up the timeline (and is now being mercilessly "mocked" because of it), but make no mistake--something bad is definitely happening in Sweden (even if the Swedes and the likes of the WaPo and New York Times are in denial about it).

Some testy locals torch an infidel flag--but it didn't happen "last night."

Update: Sweden sucks--big time--in another significant way, too:
Sweden is to appoint a special envoy to the Israel-Palestine peace process, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström announced during the presentation of her foreign policy vision in parliament.  
Wallström presented the ruling centre-left Social Democrat-Green coalition government's foreign policy declaration for the year in the Riksdag on Wednesday morning, continuing an annual tradition. 
One of the key points is that the government will appoint a diplomat to work full-time on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The special envoy is to establish contacts and represent Sweden in international talks about the conflict. 
"This year marks 50 years of the occupation of Palestine. Sweden continues to work for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and will appoint a special envoy,” Wallström told the Riksdag
"When I visited Palestine in December it was noticeable that hope can turn to despair, and this features heavily in the consultations that Sweden is holding with almost 150 Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations," she added. 
Sweden's relationship with Israel has been increasingly frosty in the past few years. In 2014 it recognized Palestine as a state, and Israeli officials have routinely refused to meet Wallström after she called for investigations into "extrajudicial" killings of Palestinian assailants by Israeli forces...
I say that instead of mocking Trump for "baffling" the Swedes we mock the Swedes for their baffling Palestinianophilia.

Update: And let's not forget about Malmo, which is now largely Judenrein, and the fact that Sweden bears the dubious distinction of being the "rape capital of the West."

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