Monday, February 20, 2017

"J Street Remains a Magnet to the Anti-Zionist Chic"--So Why Is the Shalom Hartman Institute Embracing It?

In a 2013 column in the JPost, Issi Leibler tells you practically everything you need to know about faux-Zionist lobby group J Street. (The above-quoted phrase is his).

Despite the racket's weasely leanings, the Shalom Hartman Institute appears to be all for it. In fact, Yehuda Kurtzer, head of Hartman's North American branch, will be speaking at the next J Street confab, an appearance that Hartman NA's website is delighted to trumpet.

Might that be a sign that, rather than being apolitical and "pluralistic"--SHI's favorite self-descriptor-- the institute is really a hotbed of egregiously squishy leftism?

You betcha!

Update: Yehuda Kurtzer, who is seriously into schmoozing with Muslims, explains why he's a "no litmus test" kind of guy.

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