Friday, February 24, 2017

Today, an "Anti-Islamophobia" Motion. Tomorrow, Sharia Councils?

Some years ago, the Ontario Liberal government of the day floated the idea of empowering sharia councils, bodies that would be allowed by the government to adjudicate certain legal matters (mostly personal and family ones) for Ontario Muslims.

Due to a concerted outcry from Ontarians--many of them women from Muslim lands who had come here to escape the sort of "justice" meted out in their countries of origin (rulings predicated on their second class status as enshrined in Islamic law)--the idea was torpedoed post haste.

In light of inroads now being made "anti-Islamophobia" forces, however, now might be an excellent, optimum time for pro-sharia forces to lobby for the reintroduction of sharia councils.

For the sake of turning back the apparently surging tide of "Islamophobia," of course. 😏

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Will MFS said...

Cough, Cough.....You might be closer to the truth than you think:

1. Government of Canada Reinstates the Modernized Court Challenges Program to Better Defend the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians.

2. Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, is Muslim.

3. Heritage Minister Melanie Joly announced that Khalid’s motion has the support of the Trudeau government. (1+3 connected)