Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mildred's Rethinks its Loo Offer

I never really got the appeal of having sex in the same small room where there's a toilet (in other words, no "Mile High Club" for me), but apparently the idea gets some people hot. That includes the owners of Mildred's Temple Kitchen, a Toronto restaurant that made quite a splash when it tried to entice customers in on Valentine's Day not with its cuisine but with its suitable-for-shtupping bogs. Too big of a splash, perhaps, since, as the Toronto Star reports, Mildred's supposedly regrets the offer:
No, they’re not taking reservations for the bathroom.
In fact, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, the Liberty Village restaurant that invited diners to have Valentine’s Day sex in its unisex washrooms, would rather we forget all about the offer.
“We were just having a bit of fun and being playful,” says Mildred co-owner Donna Dooher.
“The world is a pretty stressed place.”...
Indeed, but stress or no stress, the idea of boffing in a public defecation room still sounds pretty sh*tty to me. Mind you, as a publicity stunt--drumming up business for a previously obscure Toronto eatery--it works just fine.


Josephine said...

It's only "fun" if it's forbidden and secret.

It wouldn't be so exciting if couples had to line up or take a number and wait to have their names called. It would be like being in line at the butcher shop or the emergency department of a Toronto hospital.

People in Toronto are such pigs nowadays. Every public washroom has a few toilet seats covered in pee and at least one toilet that is too disgusting to use.

If people have sex in a public washroom, what are the chances of them cleaning up after themselves when they're done? Now imagine that you are the 37th couple to have sex in that place.

OT but not really: I was in a (men's) gay bar years ago (for a Cher lookalike contest) and needed to use the washroom. The doors had been removed from all of the toilet stalls, so someone had to stand guard at the washroom door to protect my privacy.

scaramouche said...

Since we're sharing bathroom annecdotes, the filthiest bathroom I've ever used was a public restroom in--wait for it--Monaco. By coincidence, the most oppulent loo I ever used was also in Monaco--at the casino.

smartygran said...

Smartygran: Not really obscure, I really love 'Mildred's and I don't have any connection to the staff or owner! Seems you can't buy publicity like they've received from this 'Loo-Loo' of an offer. BTW. the bathrooms are loverly!
BTW2: The most interesting washroom I've ever seen is in The Madonna Inn in California. The men's urinals play 'Pomp and Circumstance' when the stream breaks a light barrier!

Jim R said...

Donna Dooher? Surely you jest.