Wednesday, March 10, 2010

About that 'Moderate' Business...

Daniel Pipes has long contended that there's such a thing as "moderate" Islam. He's not really sure how to define it, and at a recent debate in Toronto with Wafa Sultan (who insisted that while there are Muslims who aren't that into jihad, that is no such thing as "moderate" Islam) he said it could take up to "500 years" before the "moderation" fully comes into effect. Nonetheless, he's certain it exists. Or could exist. Or something like that. In the same vein, Charles Krauthammer, too, thinks there's a "moderate" Islam (vs. the "radical" version--"Islamism") and that Geert Wilders' is dead wrong when he calls "moderate" Islam a fiction.

Some of those who agree with the Wilders take: The Walid Shoebat Foundation, for one. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for another. And the son of a Hamas bigwig makes three.

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