Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fitzgerald On Fatah

Fellow member of the Zionist Cabal LGF informs me that the Tarek Fatah fracas (including his appearance last night on the Michael Coren show, during the course of which he (mis)informed viewers that Aisha, Mohammed's child bride, was really in her teens when the fifty something Mo has his way with her) has been noted by none other than the great Hugh Fitzgerald. Here's what Hugh has to say (in the comments section) about Fatah's brand of  "moderation" and how influential it is likely to be among his co-religionists:
Why would Muslims now, in the year 2010, decide that Tarek Fatah, who lives in Canada, and wishes to express or represent what appears to be his own idiosyncratic interpretation of Islam, one which appears far less objectionable, and far more benign, than the one that all the Western scholars of Islam (not the espositos and armstrongs, but the real scholars,the ones who wrote before the Age of Inhibition set in), should be listened to by them? Is Tarek Fatah more to be listened to than the Ayatollah Khomeini, than the Sheikh Al-Azhar, then all the Muslim scholars of Islam?
And why should we, in the Western world, despite that trustworthy outward mien of his, not begin to be suspicious of Tarek Fatah when he writes as hysterically as he did write -- see Joanne Hill's rebuttal above -- about Wafa Sultan, a no-holds-barred anguished and noble woman, and a truth-teller -- and when now he is trying to convince us all that Aisha was "at least 14" and perhaps as old as "19 or 21." We are not fools...
Well, some of us are not fools. Alas, that designation may not include Daniel Pipes and (Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal chief) Avi Benlolo.


Yariv said...

For the record then Joanne Hill (whoever she may be) is now an authority while Danile Pipes one of the most erudite critics of radical Islamists is a fool? What an incredible Alice in Wonderland world you live in.

scaramouche said...

For the record, Yariv, (whoever you are), Joanne Hill "gets it" that, while not every Muslim is into "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal," Islam has nothing to do with "moderation" as we understand it.