Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Idea, Don

When I saw this Montreal Gazette headline--Save money, chop the human rights commission--I thought, now there's an idea I can get behind. Turns out, though, that scribbler Don MacPherson is being sarcastic. He actually likes the Quebec "Human Rights" Commission and wants the Quebec government to say Jawohl whenever the province's "human rights" commissars give it an order:
Here's a suggestion for how the Charest government can save $15 million a year: Abolish the Quebec human-rights commission.

After all, who really needs the advice on human-rights questions that the commission is paid to offer? Certainly not the Charest government.

Two years ago, the same government unceremoniously slam-dunked the report of the Bouchard-Tayor commission on accommodations that the government itself had created, into the recycling bin while it was still warm from the printers.

But at least it had the minimal courtesy to allow the Bouchard-Taylor commission to publish its report first.

This week, the human-rights commission had the dubious distinction of producing what might be the first report ever shelved by a government before it even received it.

In a slap to the face of the commission and its 13 members, the government went ahead and gave instructions to one of its agencies without waiting for advice on the matter that it knew the commission had spent months preparing...

Can you imagine the cheek--being discourteous to a bunch of simpering, power-hungry ideologues who demand that everyone (including elected officials) hew (no questions asked) to their capricious brand of political correctness?

Who does the government think is in charge?

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