Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Grand and Humorous Tradition of Sheik Yerbouti, Delta Burka and Yasser, That's My Baby

In a piece about Ahmed Zaki Yamani, a Saudi attorney/shakedown artist who's trying to scam some Danegeld out of some Danes (ones who'd published a "blasphemous" turban 'toon; Yamani's "clients" are supposedly direct descendents of the dude who was "blasphemed"), Christopher Hitchens makes this "punny":
If you ask yourself whether Yamani cares more about the supernatural world or the grossly material one, it will not take very long to come up with an answer. You can detect it in the way that he balances the soft inducement against the hard threat of remembered mayhem: Yamani or your life.
Heh. That one's a keeper.

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