Monday, March 15, 2010

The Jooooos Killed the Baby

Leftoslammy e-rag Canadian Charger uses a photo of a dead baby with a bullet through its torso to adorn this editorial about the supposedly well-orchestrated campaign to cast aspersions on that noblest, most selfless of efforts, Israeli Apartheid Week:
You've got to hand it to whoever is orchestrating the campaign against Israeli Apartheid Week.
The name of the game is simple yet clever: ignore the substance of what the week addresses and turn the issue into one of Israel’s right to exist and of the threat of anti-Semitism.
The real substance of the week is, of course, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians...
Of course. And anyone who says it's really about Zionhass, the Judeophobia of our era, had better...keep it up because it's driving the Leftoslammies insane!

1 comment:

sanwin said...

Well, the morons couldn't even get the name of Peter Shurman right (they made him a Paul Shurman) so I wouldn't really bother too much.

I don't think very many people read that rubbish anyway.

Sadly Mr. El Masry is learning that having your own media outlet really doesn't change anything if all you are peddling is garbage.