Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Sense of the Apartheid Fête

Phyllis Chesler has an excellent suggestion for a more appropriate "apartheid" event:
...From March 1st to March 14th, the sixth annual Israeli Apartheid “Week” will take place in 57 cities around the world. I have suggested that we launch an Islamic Apartheid Month because Muslims are the world’s largest practitioners of both gender and religious apartheid. The scapegoating of tiny Israel is merely a way of diverting the world’s focus away from the actual apartheid practices that characterize Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Muslim-majority regions in Africa and Asia.
Israeli Apartheid Week is the continuation of Durban by another name and is meant to insure the continued isolation and demonization of the Jewish state. The race is on for world-wide sanctions, divestment, and boycott — not of Iran or Sudan, but of Israel. At the same time, Obama’s administration is refusing to sell arms to Israel and is simultaneously refusing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. From 2004 on, I have been writing about another attempted genocide of the Jewish people. Now, that’s what Ahmadinejad specifically says...
Israeli Apartheid week is meant to make Israel's existence morally indefensible (as a South Africa that practised--really practised--apartheid was morally indefensible) so that its destruction can be justified on moral grounds. That's why it matters not a whit whether your desire to "punish" Israel arises from the "best" of motives (because you're an empathetic "progressive" who truly cares about the suffering Palestinian "underdog") or the "worst" of motives (because you're a slavering, out-and-out Jew-hater). At the end of the day both "virtuous" lefty and slavering Judeophobe have the same goal--the end of the Jewish "experiment," the demise of the Jewish state. What boggles--and disgusts--is how anyone can argue that turning the one tiny, historically Jewish speck of land (and, not coincidentally, the one bright spot) in the vast Muslim-ruled vista over to Muslims in any way serves the cause of "justice".

Update: "Virtuous" lefty Jaggi Singh boggles and disgusts.

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