Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nicholas Kristoff on the Prepubescent Yemeni Divorcee

This--this!--and not fatuities about Israeli apartheid is what La Rebick and her coven should be fretting about:
It's hard to imagine that there have been many younger divorcĂ©es — or braver ones — than a pint-size third grader named Nujood Ali.
Nujood is a Yemeni girl, and it’s no coincidence that Yemen abounds both in child brides and in terrorists (and now, thanks to Nujood, children who have been divorced). Societies that repress women tend to be prone to violence.

For Nujood, the nightmare began at age 10 when her family told her that she would be marrying a deliveryman in his 30s. Although Nujood’s mother was unhappy, she did not protest. “In our country it’s the men who give the orders, and the women who follow them,” Nujood writes in a powerful new autobiography just published in the United States this week, “I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.”...
In its own way, the book sounds like even more of a window into a society than does Heather Has Two Mommies--although written for an entirely different age demographic, of course. The biggest difference between the two works as far as I can tell: in the Heather book, Heather's mommies aren't trying to marry her off to a deliveryman more than thrice her age.

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