Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Down, 15 More to Go

The Saudi shyster who extracted an apology from Danish rag Politiken for printing a cartoon of some dude with a bomb in his bonnet isn't stopping there. He's demanding that lots more infidel rags display their dhimmi bona fides--or else:
(CNSNews.com) – After securing an apology from one Danish newspaper for publishing a cartoon satirizing Mohammed, a Saudi lawyer now plans to confront another 15 newspapers, filing lawsuits against them if necessary.
Faisal Yamani says he is acting on behalf of eight Muslim organizations representing “descendants of Mohammed.”

He told the Danish tabloid B.T. that he has 15 newspapers in his sights. His clients have made it clear they are ready to finance a campaign of lawsuits if the papers refuse to follow the example of the liberal daily Politiken and apologize. Yamani did not say how much he would aim to extract from the media organizations but referred to “a long and very expensive legal action.”

On Friday, Politiken published a formal apology to “anyone who was offended” by its decision to reproduce one of the 12 cartoons which triggered an international furor after another Danish paper, Jyllands-Posten, first published them in September 2005...
Descendents of Mohammed, eh? I think we'll require some DNA proof of that. Otherwise any old Mo Blow could claim to have the Prophet in his family tree.

As for the shyster who promises the long and costly lawfare, er, lawsuits--if he ever gets tired of working for the Wahhabis, he might have a bright future as a Canadian "human rights" official. He seems to have that shakedown thing down pat.

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