Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pore Dave is Dead

"Controversial" First Nations Leader David Ahenakew has died. The "controversial" was appended to his name in recent years, when some off the cuff remarks lauding the Nazis' Jewlimination scheme got his butt hauled into court quicker than you can say "Heil Hitler!"; up till then he'd had an exemplary public career, and had even been awarded Canada's top civilian prize in recognition of his work in the "human rights" arena.

Ahenakew's downfall: his name wasn't Salman Hossain.

Update: I thought "Filthy Jewish Terrorists"--which had reportedly been taken down--was Salman's own site. In fact, it appears to have has been a going concern for many years, remains up and running, and Hossain is merely one of its hateful scribbers, and . (The site has a visual just in time for the upcoming Jewish holiday: "Terrorism is a Passover celebration." You got that right, FJTer. Every Passover we Jews celebrate the "terrorist" Moses led the "terrorist children of Israel" out of Israel so they could end up having their own "terrorist" land. Of course, the Koran's version of the story--the one where Moses is revered as a "Muslim" prophet--is a bit different.)

Update: Snatched from the Scaramouche archives--The Ballad of Davey Ahenakew:

Born on the plains of Saskatchewan
Where skies are big and the wheat is long.
Became a chief, grew brave and strong.
Knew what’s right and who had done him wrong.
Davey Ahenakew
Never really knew a Jew.

Heard the Nazis had some good ideers,
Improve the stock by culling Jews and queers.
Real good way to play on people's fears.
Reich should last at least a thousand years.
Davey Anehakew,
Never really knew a Jew.

Flew off to Ottawa
To get a prize.
All the while, he was speakin' lies.
Still kept up his "human rights" disguise.
What happened next came as a big surprise.
Davey Ahenakew
Never really knew a Jew.

Gave a speech, as an aside
Said that Jews should all of them be fried.
News of it soon galloped far and wide.
Now Dave’s in court with Christie by his side.
Davey Ahenakew.
Looks like his career is through...

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