Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Renewed Anti-Jew Spew--Now, What Will the Province Do?

A U of T student of Bangladeshi origin who has some, shall we say, colourful views about "the Jews" has renewed spewing his sewage. The first time he expressed his thoughts, police looked the other way, and provincial authorities who are livid when, say, a white power dude has anything hateful to say and make sure to haul his keester to court, pronto, strung along Official Jewry with promises to "streamline" the "process" so that next time, for sure, no doubt about it, just you wait 'n' see, hateful Muslim dude will be treated exactly the same as hateful white power dude.

Well, it seems that time is nigh. Let's see how swiftly the province comes through on its promise, now that the "process" has been "streamlined" and all. I say don't hold your breath--not unless you're interested in suffocating to death, that is.

(To be clear, I'm not really in favour of anyone being prosecuted for "hate speech." I would point out--and deplore--however, the double standard in our society; how authorities who freak out when, say, a swastika is scrawled on some wall tend to be awfully blasé when Muslims are doing their "Jews are monkeys and pigs" trash talk.)


Mitka said...

Scaramouche, we may not always see eye to eye, but on this I agree with you totally.

sanwin said...

Can I breathe now ?