Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shore 'Nuff There's a Double Standard

This one goes out to all the well-meaning but delusional folks who think state censorship is in the Jews' (or the rest of society's) best interest:

"Peace" is "peace"
And "Jews" are "Jews"
And the Koran gets in its digs.
They've gone on since Islam's dawn about
Pigs and monkeys
And monkeys and pigs.
Kafirs and dhimmis and monkeys and pigs.

Tho' some may rail,
"It's beyond the pale,"

Our officials don't give two figs.
Your hateful say is A-o.k.
As long as it's one of the Koran's digs,
Pigs and monkeys and monkeys and pigs.

They'll hate us as dhimmis.
They'll send us all to Hell.
But they'll hate us longer, stronger when
It comes to Is-ra-el.

O.J.s decry the Nazis' lie.
Want to throw 'em into some brigs.
What's the use when others spewin'
'Bout pigs and moneys and monkeys and pigs,
Dhimmis and kafirs and monkeys and pigs?...

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