Friday, March 5, 2010

That Old Blah Blah Blah 'Magic'

Why do lefties think that now, when Obama is tanking, all that's required to revive the pizzazz is for the man whose mouth never faileth to runneth over to give another speech? Here's Caroline Glick (who is neither of nor for the left) outlining how Israel's lefties are hoping to reinflate their fortunes via the sputtering, plum out of gas hopeychangey talking donkey:
The Left's hope of forming a coalition with Obama against Netanyahu was given its most explicit expression last July in an op-ed by Ha'aretz's editor-at-large Aluf Benn in the New York Times. After expressing his support for Obama's policies, Benn bemoaned the fact that due to Obama's low approval ratings among Israeli Jews, (at the time they stood at 6 percent and later plunged to 4 percent), it would be hard for him to convince the Israeli public to abandon its support for Netanyahu in favor of Obama's — that is the Israeli Left's — policies. To improve this dismal state of affairs, Benn suggested that Obama simply needs to make his case to the Israeli public, which "will surely listen," to him.
As far as Benn — and his fellow leftists were concerned — Obama's credibility problems redounded not to his policies, which the Left supports. Instead they owed to his failure to dazzle the Israeli people with the same rhetorical magic he used on the Arabs and the Europeans. It was Obama's tone, not his programs that needed to be improved.
Yeah, right. Face it, lefties, the razzle dazzle is gone, and it ain't coming back. In other words (and music): "The party's over. It's time to call it a day. They've burst your pretty balloon, and taken the moon away..."

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