Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's a Word for Fully 'Accommodating' Sharia--Dhimmitude

The Anglican Journal has a write up about the Quebec niqab case. Apparently, the school where the niqab-wearing woman from Egypt was taking government-funded French classes bent over backwards, and then some, to try to accommodate her (my bolds):
...The school argued that the niqab interfered with the language teaching, since part of the class involves proper elocution and seeing how a person pronounces words in French.

"For the teacher, it was more difficult to hear her, and it was more difficult for all the people to understand what she had to say," said the school's director, Paul-Émile Bourque.

School officials said they had tried different ways of accommodating the woman between February and November 2009. She had previously asked that male students in the class not face her, so school officials allowed her to give an oral presentation at the far end of the classroom with her back turned to the other students.

The order to remove her niqab came after officials from Quebec's immigration ministry visited the class. She was told she could take the class on the Internet...
They would have allowed her to take the class on the Interet? Then what, pray tell, is the basis of her complaint to the Quebec "Human Rights" Commission?

It just goes to show--you can bend over backwards and/or stand on your head and spit pennies, but until you assume the proper position (i.e. genuflecting to the "superior" law) certain people are never going to be satisfied.

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