Friday, March 12, 2010

Wilders-Bashing a Boon to the Caliphate

Diana West's latest column looks at what's behind FOX's hatchet job on Geert Wilders and gives three reasons why she found it so upsetting. This is reason #3:

Regardless of cause or effect, the fact remains that in classifying Wilders as a fascist (Beck), denouncing his views as “extreme, radical and wrong” (Krauthammer), and slandering him as a “demagogue” (Kristol), Fox’s opinion-leaders expressed themselves in terms that surely thrilled not just Murdoch’s Islamic prince-cronies, but also the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). This is the organization driving the advance of sharia in the world, as, for example, at the United Nations, where it leads an endless campaign to outlaw all criticism of Islam – such as Wilders’ -- under the PC-sensitive rubric of banning “defamation of religion.”
Now, one thing you don’t want to do in this life is thrill the OIC, particularly on its smooth drive to extend sharia that is only now, according to OIC plan, unexpectedly blocked by Geert Wilders. But how it hurts to see Fox pushing in the wrong direction.
John L. Work of newsreelblog remarks:
If Prince bin Talal’s ownership in FoxNews is now manifesting itself in yesterday’s assault on Geert Wilders, and we get more of this taqiyya from the All-Stars, it is time to write off FoxNews and crew as washed away by the tsunami of regular left-wing TV new-speak. So long, Glenn. Adios, Rupert. Bon voyage to all of you. Maybe you’ll all get a nice Christmas bonus in your stockings from the Prince, himself, for what you’re doing to Geert Wilders and freedom.

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