Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today in the Epitome of Understatements

Hillary Clinton says Iran is violating a nuclear treaty.

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Jim R said...

That's is a significant realization for her.....and her boss. It means their denial and kumbaya policy may be over.

Unfortunately, they wasted a year, and will waste a few more trying the denial and kumbaya approach with the UN to get something concrete actually done.

As as evidenced by the behavior of politicians pre WWII, a crisis denied and failure to face reality early on, is actually what creates world wars.

O and Hil will not do anything unilaterally. It is not in their DNA. They will let Iran get the bomb. Israel cannot and will not. They will use their nuclear weapons first if necessary to stop Iran, thus potentially starting another WW.

President Bush, please come back and save us. The free world now apologizes for all the bad things they said about you.