Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why "Diversity" Sucks

From an editorial in the Toronto Star:
In the Toronto region, where visible minorities will soon constitute the majority of the population, embracing diversity is not just about creating vibrant communities and ensuring social harmony.
Diversity, particularly in management and leadership roles, is also a vital component to building a strong corporate sector that can succeed in our increasingly global economy.

In a speech to business leaders in Toronto this week, Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean made a strong case for ensuring that ethnically and racially diverse Canadians can get a foot in the door — and have a fair shot at the corner office.

“Saying yes to diversity is saying yes to modernity, to opportunity, and to the very future of our country,” said Jean. “But saying no carries a huge price. For each time social exclusion closes a door, another door is opened to desolation, frustration, and despair.”

We already know those conditions lead to neighbourhoods full of poverty and criminal activity that drive up public costs and, ultimately, scare away business investment...
Um, ever thought that maybe it's the "diversity" and not the "social exclusion" that leads to "neighbourhoods full of poverty and criminal activity"? I know, I know, that's heresy for those purveying the hogwash about the "net benefit" of embracing lots and lots of "diverse" souls from "diverse" parts of the Muslim world, but it's hard to see how importing people who literally believe that Jews are the progeny of monkeys and pigs--and that sharia is the one and only valid law--is likely to be a boon to society.

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