Monday, April 4, 2011

Double Standard on Display: Muslim Bad Behaviour Exculpated in One Case, All But Ignored in Another

A freak-out sparked (belatedly) by a Koran torching gets tons of media coverage, and sparks loads of outrage from no less a player than General Petraeus (foolishly acting all Alec Guiness in his River Kwai guise, observes Diana West). But where's the outrage, the media coverage, about this horror?
At least 1,000 Christians were slaughtered this week at the Salesian Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue, Ivory Coast by Muslim troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara. Catholic priests are also being targeted.
We know where outrage and coverage are, alas. They're nowheresville, because hateful Muslims slaughtering hundreds of Christians is out of synch, to say the least, with the 'Arab Spring' malarkey.

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