Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monsieur Hulot's Ecology

Sometimes you see someone and the thought that immediately pops in your head is "Birkenstock-wearer." Such was the case when I saw the photo of the Green bloke who wants to be president of  France:
GREEN presenter Nicolas Hulot has announced he will run for the French presidency in 2012.

The founder of the ecology group the Fondation Nicolas Hulot said he wanted to begin a "new society both ecologically and socially".

He announced his declaration in the Seine-Saint-Denis, a department known for its high poverty and crime rates...
Wait a sec--isn't that one of the "banlieues" where excitable lads are apt to set Peugots on fire?

I think a "new society" has already settled in there, M. Hulot, and it's unlikely to be one that's going to benefit the environment (not unless you see torching vehicles as a form of recycling, that is).

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