Thursday, April 14, 2011

More CASMO "Friendliness"

Found this one on "grassroots" Shia outfit CASMO's site. It's from one of Khamenei's media outlets
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has urged Muslim scholars and elites not to let arrogant powers “hijack” popular movements in Islamic countries.

“The elite's guidance is needed to assist the people of nations to prevent the arrogant apparatus from hijacking the glorious popular movements [of the Muslim world] and steal their uprising. In that case the future of the Islamic Ummah and the region would be bright,” the Leader said in a meeting with ambassadors and representatives of Islamic countries in Tehran on Monday.

IRNA quoted the Leader as saying that the recent revolutions in Muslim countries are resulted from a prolonged humiliation caused by arrogant powers.

“The responsibility of political, scientific and academic elites and religious scholars in face of the recent developments is very heavy,” he stated.

Criticizing US propaganda and efforts in the region to acquit itself of its role in supporting the regions dictators, the Leader said, “The recent popular movements are primarily against the dominance of arrogant powers.”

He went on to say that the dominant powers' plots against Islamic countries have created discord among Muslim nations, calling on the Muslim nations and governments to become vigilant and stop the “great Satan” [the US] from interfering in their destinies...
As per CASMO's self-defined mandate, doesn't that sound all "friendly" and "interfaithy"?

And how's this for "friendliness"--a photo in a CASMO newsletter showing one of A-jad's favourite type of Jew holding up a sign saying: END OF ZIONISM=PEACE. (Interesting that right below it is a pitch for a career with the Toronto cops, who are seeking new recruits. Because if there's one thing our local constabulary could sure use it's more employees who are in synch with CASMO.)

Update: Oh look--in this CASMO newsletter they're directing Shias to seek careers with the City of Toronto and the Ontario government. How awfully, awfully helpful.

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