Sunday, November 1, 2015

John Kerry: "Daesh"-ing Through the Snow Job

As recently as two weeks ago, John Kerry was referring to the Islamic State as "ISIL" :
Kerry said the U.S. must challenge ISIL, the Islamic State, a jihadi force that has brutally massacred civilians and made gains in Syria and elsewhere. (ISIL is used to refer to the Islamic State in Lebanon, while ISIS, which is more commonly used, refers to Syria.)
Now, suddenly, he's calling it "Daesh":
Bishkek:  A decision by US President Barack Obama to send special forces to Syria is strictly focused on fighting Islamic State insurgents and does not signify the United States is entering the civil war there, US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

"President Obama has made a very strong and forceful and simple decision entirely in keeping with his originally stated policy that we must defeat and destroy Daesh," Mr Kerry said, using the Arabic term for Islamic State.
"It is not a decision to enter into Syria's civil war. It is not an action focused on (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, it focused exclusively on Daesh and in augmenting our ability to rapidly attack Daesh," Kerry told a news briefing during a visit to Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek.

Asked about the prospect of the United States sending more troops, or getting drawn deeper into the conflict, Mr Kerry said: "I can't predict what the future will bring when our policy is to destroy Daesh, to fight back against this evil. But I do think the president has made a judgment that I completely advocated for and concur (with)."
Boy, that's a lot of "Daesh"es. Could the reason he keeps repeating be that he wants to insert it into his memory bank, thereby lessening the risk that he'll call it ISIL again--a big no-no now, apparently?

Why the sudden change? As implied but not plainly stated in the above excerpt, it's the Islam, stupid (and the "stupid" refers to Obama and his lunkhead factotums, including Kerry). "Daesh" is how the Arabs and other Muslims refer to it because they contend that there is nothing "Islamic" about IS/ISIS/ISIL. Thus, "Daesh" is IS with an Islam-ectomy.

The biggest problem with calling it that--apart from the ridiculous groveling to Muslim sensibilities, that is--is that "Daesh" sounds like "Dash"--you know, the Kardashian retail clothing enterprise, and at the moment yet another one of their seemingly endless spinoff "reality" TV series. 

When I heard John Kerry say "Daesh" yesterday, pop cult maven that I am, the first thing I thought of was "Dash Dolls."

To be clear, though, Dash Dolls look like this:

Daesh dolls, on the other hand, look like this.

Something tells me E! isn't putting the latter pair of dolls on air any time soon--or ever.

Update: WATCH: In new Hebrew clip, IS promises ‘great war’ on Jews

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