Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Truth About "Syrian Refugees" That Justin Trudeau, Drunk on His Own Sense of Virtuousness, Will Never Acknowledge

David Solway tells is like it is here:
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims supposedly fleeing the carnage in Syria, over 70 per cent of whom are single males of draft age, are swarming the borders of Europe while some of their number will soon be airlifted into North America. Daniel Greenfield underlines the obvious, “Everyone can see that the majority of Muslim migrants are not sad Syrian toddlers, but angry Muslim men.” Indeed, the EU estimates that only one out of every five migrants claiming asylum is actually from Syria. But one in five is more than enough for Kilian Kleinschmidt, appointed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as Senior Field Coordinator of the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. The Syrians, he laments, “are the most difficult refugees I’ve ever seen.” Physical intimidation, death threats, smuggling, theft and mafia-like control of the camp’s affairs and resources are their stock in trade.
These aren't your Vietnamese boat people, Justin. These are mostly angry young men who despise Jews, Israel and infidels in general, and who will curse us out even as they feast on our largesse; a number of them are likely to be ISIS-types, with all that that entails.

And yet, this mind-boggling endeavor is afoot:
Sponsor a Refugee 
Canada has committed to resettle 50,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria through to 2018 which includes the additional 10,000 refugees from Syria pledged earlier this week. Sixty percent need to be sponsored by private groups. There are several ways to sponsor refugees: 
Sponsorship Agreement Holders. A number of groups across the country have signed agreements with the Government of Canada to support refugees. They are known as Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH). Working through an SAH is the simplest and most expedient way of sponsoring a refugee.
  • In the greater Toronto area JIAS (Jewish Immigration Aid Services) Toronto, among others, is party to such an agreement. JIAS is working closely with Lifeline Syria – a grassroots organization of concerned citizens that has been established to help those interested in sponsoring Syrian refugees. Lifeline Syria has extensive resources to assist individuals and organizations interested in sponsoring Syrian refugees.
  • Elsewhere in Canada (excluding Quebec, which has a separate process described below), organizations and individuals should contact a local SAH in their area. A full list SAHs can be found here.
Groups of Five. A group of five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18 can sponsor one or more refugees to come to Canada and settle in their area.
Community Sponsors. Some community groups can also sponsor refugees.
Jews bringing "Syrian refugees" to Canada has to be the most insane idea ever (but then "the most insane idea ever" and "tikkun olam" are pretty much synonymous these days).

And Justin Trudeau? He's no Jew, but being a sanctimonious leftist, he's quaffed vats of the "tikkun olam" Kool Aid, and as our new prime minister, he's insisting we do the same.

Update: Guess how many young Muslim men--or men in general--are featured on the Lifeline Syria website (photos supplied by the UNHCR)? I count two. The rest are adorable moppets, and there's even a shot of a family which seemed to be comprised of women only. Truth in advertising--this ain't.)

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Carlos Perera said...

As Kathy Shaidle might say, bringing (Moslem) Syrian refugees into your country is like hiding Nazis in your attic during World War Two.