Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For Anyone Who's Wondering What ISIS "Really" Stands For, the Zany Zion-Loathers of the Khomeinist 'Zine Have an Answer

It stands for "Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist Strategy."


The picture on this month's Crescent cover is worth a thousand words--a thousand toxic, crackpot, Goebbels-worthy words:

But wait--there's more. In a headline which subtly references the apes-'n-pigs palaver in a certain holy book, there's an article called, "Paris, Saudi camel and the Zionist monkey!" And what a thrilling piece of Der Sturmer-esque reportage it is!:
In these countries [France and Belgium] as well as in others, Zionist influence is quite pervasive. Not only in the media but also at the official level, they exercise enormous influence in shaping government policy. It has been a longstanding policy of the Zionists to present Muslims as “the enemy” because they oppose Zionist aggression in and occupation of Palestine. While the Zionists cannot outnumber the Muslims in these countries, they target them through demonization. It is revealing that the Zionists have linked up with extremist rightwing groups in Europe. Such extremist groups also hate the Jews but for the Zionists that is fine. They also hate those Jews who stand up for truth and justice. Thus, Muslims are under attack from two sides: the extremist rightwing terrorists and Zionist thugs. 
No mention, of course, of how Muslims target Jews through, well, murder. That would clash with the Khomeinists' we're-the-victims boo-hooey.

Also in this month's issue--Zafar Bangash!

Bangash, a Khomeinist who came to Canada from Pakistan, and who's a fixture at the Ayatollah's annual Zionhass-a-palooza (a.k.a. Al Quds Day) in Toronto, has added so much to our Trudeaupian multiculti tapestry, don't you think?

Update: Bangash isn't only a local imam and a regular contributor to Crescent. He also heads up something called the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) which bills itself as "An intellectual centre of the global Islamic movement"--i.e. the Shia Khomeinists.

In a lengthy piece on the ICIT site, Bangash goes into the entire history of Islamic conquest, concluding with this "upbeat" message:
The Prophet (saws) utilized all means — ideological, social, economic, political and military — to transform the society in Arabia. We also find that he did not use institutions established by the enemy to promote Islam, nor did he resort to such means as tribalism, class interest or nationalism to mobilize people. He never compromised on principles, preferring instead to endure suffering and persecution. It was this strict adherence to principles that helped create a body of Muslims who though small in number, was strong in commitment and prepared to die for their principles. In such confrontation, forces of kufr often simply wither away. 
Muslims today will have to imbibe these lessons from the Seerah if they want to re-emerge in their natural dominant role in the world. There is no other way to transform their societies and to regain leadership of a wayward world that is so completely dominated by exploiters and oppressors. The Prophet (saws) showed the way to Madinah; we must now re-discover that path and embark on it to bring about similar change.
So there you have it. Bangash avails himself of everything Canada has to offer in order to work toward the ultimate goal of seeing us, the kufr, "simply wither away," and Islam--his form of Islam-- installed everywhere, including here in Canada.

It's a good idea to bear that (his ultimate goal) in mind the next time you hear him blither on about the poor, poor Palestinians (the pretext Khomeinists use in order to disguise and help them fulfill their ultimate goal) on Al Quds Day.

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