Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ironically, Donald Trump's Claim Re Rooftop Cheering in Jersey City Leads to a Far More Disturbing Revelation

Donald Trump may have gotten it wrong re the number of Muslims in Jersey City who were celebrating on a rooftop when the Twin Towers came down. (Certain Muslims in that town are whining about it all, saying they were "just as much hurt" by 9/11 as everyone else.) But guess what's just turned up? A grainy video, a screen grab of a story that ran on the Jersey City CBS news station a few days after 9/11. In the video, reporter Pablo Guzman reveals that not only were there Muslims on the roof of an apartment building cheering the destruction of the Twin Towers, but that these cheerers had a scale model of the WTC with them on the roof, and were watching events unfold with binoculars.
In other words, it appears that they had foreknowledge that the attack was coming, were up on the roof before the planes hit, and had a bird's eye view of the horror from start to finish.

The cheering, of course, came afterwards.
One more thing. Jersey City was home to the mosque of Omar Abdul-Rahman, the blind sheik. He's the jihadi who plotted the first attack on the World Trade Center back in 1993. So Chris Christie's befuddlement and defense of this New Jersey burg notwithstanding, the jihadi rot in Jersey City seems to go waaaay back.

And you know what? But for Donald Trump giving the media conniptions with his "thousands cheered on Jersey City roofs" trope, we would have forgotten all about the blind sheik's connection to Jersey City, and that story about those Jersey City jihadis waiting on a rooftop for the planes to hit on 9/11would have likely remained buried forever.

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