Thursday, December 3, 2015

P.C. At Least Partly to Blame for San Bernardino Savagery

Apart from the carnage, the most disturbing aspect of the San Bernardino story is that a neighbor saw a plethora of strange activity going on at the killer couple's home (which must be vastly understating what she actually saw, since authorities found what amounted to an IED bomb factory in the pair's garage). However, the neighbor feared reporting it to authorities because she didn't want to be accused of--wait for it--"racial profiling."

"See something, say something"? Sure thing. But we can see how, in our hyper-sensitive don't-you-dare-go-and-"stereotype"-anyone era, that strategy is easily foiled.

Update: Somebody saw/said something when Texas teen Ahmed Mohamed brought his bomb-like clock to school--and the squealer was pilloried for his "Islamophobia" (which is supposedly "out of control" in the U.S.) when it turned out to be a real clock (or a real clock hoax) after all. One can perhaps understand the California neighbour's hesitation in light of that.

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