Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Couple That Slays Together...

Barack Obama makes fun of Republicans who fear Syrian "widows and orphans" coming to America. Justin Trudeau says there's no problem importing thousands of Syrians because we're excluding single young men (who belong to the most-likely-to-kill-for-Allah demographic) and are only letting in "families"--and/or widows and orphans. (And, BTW, it's not as though they're clamoring to come here. In fact, luring them to cold, cold Canada is turning out to be rather a tough sell.)

Meanwhile, over in sleepy San Bernardino, California, a Muslim man and his Muslim wife, both educated and gainfully employed (she was a pharmacist) and with a six-month-old baby at home, unleashed the bloodiest U.S. massacre since Sandy Hook.

Clearly, the Obama-Trudeau way of looking at things is inherently--even fatally--flawed.

Update: Barack Obama thinks things could be turned around were there better gun regulations. We know, however, that if you are determined to kill infidels, there are other ways to do it.

Update: CNN suggest it may have been "a testy exchange" at a holiday party that provoked the man to act as he did.

Let's think it through, shall we? A man supposedly gets pissed off at a co-worker at the company Christmas do, grabs the missus and the body armor and some AK-47s he just happens to have lying around, and the masked twosome proceed to shoot up the joint, leaving a pile of dead bodies in their wake.

That makes about as much sense as the idea that only young men in the most-likely-to-kill-for-Allah demographic are the ones who kill for Allah.

Anything to downplay the jihad, eh, CNN?

Update: "Some reports said that the shooters were wearing Go-Pro cameras to film the attack": if that's so, who were they filming it for--say, ISIS?

Update: It's obviously a well-planned, highly-coordinated attack, but CNN isn't the only media outlet that's inclined to "play down the Muslim angle."

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