Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The UN Green Climate Fund: From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You the Oil-for-Food Scam

Remember the UN's oil-for-food scam? That deplorable and yet hilarious morass of deception and double-dealing that the dogged (think pit bull) Claudia Rosett kept digging into while most in the mainstream media purposefully ignored it?

I hadn't thought about the scandal for some time, but it popped right back into my head upon reading this by Lorne Gunter in the Toronto Sun:
Starting this year, the world's developed nations (Canada included) will begin pumping billions into the UN's Green Climate fund. By 2020, it will be tens of billions dollars annually, all for UN bureaucrats to dole out. You can bet it will be largely ineffective and corrupt.
You read it here first: I predict that the corruption, malfeasance and flimflammery engendered by the UN's Green Climate fund is going to make the UN's oil-for-food scam look like chump change.

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