Thursday, April 6, 2017

Black Like She

CBC radio devotes nearly an hour of air time to Rachel Dolezal, the woman born of two white parents who insists she is African-American because she says so (hence the latest "progressive" lunacy, the idea that someone can be "Trans-black").

If she's Trans-black then I'm Trans-ballerina.


Carlos Perera said...

Of course the argument that one can become "transracial," by wishing it so, is demented. But no more so than thinking one can become the opposite sex by the same magical thinking. There is no end to the madness that shall likely ensue from the precedent that has been set by accepting--and forcing others to accept--transgenderism as a legitimate concept.

(Just in case I am wrong, I am devoting as much mental energy as I can spare to wishing that I looked like Cary Grant at age 30, that my wife looked like Grace Kelly at age 25, and that we had the bank account of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates.)

scaramouche said...

I think that makes you a "trans-billionaire," CP!