Monday, April 24, 2017

The Ceeb Shills for Islam (Again)

In this portion of CBC radio show The 180, a Muslim PhD candidate at the University of Toronto "exposes" the "flaw" of our secular society (a society which frowns on, say, Islamic prayers in public schools).

The supposed "flaw"?

Why, the fact that our secularism is nothing more than Christianity in disguise, of course.

We'd be much better off--and far more "inclusive"--says this chap, were we to "celebrate" everyone's holidays, as they do in New York City and, er, Trinidad.

To recap: Christianity sucks; Islam deserves to be "celebrated"--in public and by the public. (And if you disagree, you're a Hatey McHaterson.)

Update: Here's a cautionary tale of what happens when secularism recedes and a puissant Islam swoops in to take its place--not "inclusiveness," not multiculti "celebration." Sharia, plain and simple and draconian to the core:
For the past several months, eyes across the world have been trained on the growing far-right movements sweeping Europe and America — from the neo-Nazi groups in Germany and the United States, to the increasing popularity of France’s National Front.

But another, far less noticed — but sometimes equally-radical movement — is also emerging across Europe: the rise of pro-Islam political parties, some with foreign support from the Muslim world. And the trend shows no sign of stopping.

Holland’s Denk (“Think”) party, established and led by two Turkish immigrants, is among the most significant. Denk won three seats in the Dutch parliament last month, becoming the country’s “fastest-growing” new party, according to the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad.
Its platform is to replace ideas of integration with “mutual acceptance” — a charming but antiquated idea in a culture where one group accepts gay marriage and the other is taught that homosexuals should be shoved off of tall buildings. It also proposes the establishment of a dedicated “anti-racism” police force...
Any questions?

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