Thursday, April 27, 2017

When it Comes to Sucking Up to the Mullahs, Justin T. Is Barack O.'s Heir Apparent

Widdle Justin "is picking up where Obama left off," writes the Toronto Sun's Candice Malcolm, who adds,
Trudeau is working to build a new relationship with Iran, lifting economic sanctions and allowing meetings between Canadian officials and Iran’s mullahs. 
Trudeau, like Obama, is guided by a naïve policy of trust and appeasement. 
Afraid to confront one of the most wicked regimes in history, liberal politicians in the West prefer to look the other way and hope Iran will moderate over time. 
The regime in Tehran, however, deserves no such courtesies. It is brazenly building a nuclear weapons program before our eyes and bankrolling terrorist groups with agents all over the world. 
Iran’s mullahs should not be trusted or appeased. They should be removed. And soon, before Iran’s nuclear dream becomes our nightmare.
 Sadly (and frighteningly), there's one crucial word that isn't in trustin' Justin's vocabulary: taqiyyah.

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