Saturday, April 1, 2017

Muslim Woman Sets Singer Alicia Keys Straight Re Her "Sexualized" Niqab Photo

Is there anything dumber and more clueless than a Western infidel woman who upholds symbols of oppression because she thinks it shows how "tolerant" and "progressive" she is?

Let's consider the subject while viewing this image:

alicia keys
Clearly, on the topic of Islamic cover ups for chicks, Alicia is as dumb as they come. And I'm not the only one who thinks so:
In a series of tweets, Shireen Qudosi, who has authored articles for The Federalist, explained why Keys's post is severely tone deaf and offensive to Muslim women like herself.

In an interview with Faithwire, Qudosi had more to say on the matter.
'I’m a Muslim woman who holds on to what’s beautiful about my Eastern heritage, while also forging a new American Muslim identity,' Qudosi told Faithwire in an email. 'When Alicia Keys romanticizes the niqab under the banner of diversity, she promotes the most savage and barbaric Arab tribalism that sees women as something to be possessed and contained. When I see good-intentioned people call primitivism beautiful, that’s as offensive as someone saying American slave history was ‘beautiful and diverse.'[. . . ] 
'America is built on diversity, but not all ideas are equal and deserve sanctuary — especially those that don’t mirror American values,' she continued. 'The niqab has no place in American society. It should never be entertained let alone glorified.'
Now, that's smart!

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