Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CBC Radio--Quel Surprise--Tries to Downplay the Threat of "Political Islam"

According to the "expert" whose opinion was solicited for Ceeb radio's "Ideas" show, "political Islam" is an age-old phenomenon and, speaking realistically, an inevitability about which we infidels can do very little. So we may as well chillax and adopt the Ceeb's usefully idiotic Dr. Strangelove position. Which is to say: we must learn to stop worrying and love sharia (the installation of Islamic law in all its draconian glory being the whole point of "political Islam"/supremacist Islam/Muslim Brotherhood Islam/by-the-book Islam/the conquest-minded Islam of Islam's founder that inspires the bulk of the modern jihad).

So nice of the Ceeb to celebrate shill on behalf of all that, no?

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