Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Justin Trudeau Now: Pandering to a Terrorist In the Context of Multiculti Utopianism and Harping on His Privilege In the Context of Pot Smoking

First, the pandering: Trudeau is in hot water over a photo showing him dining in the company of an alleged Tamil terrorist. (Hey, in Justin's Trudeaupia, one man's terrorist is another man's--a pandering politician's--photo op, right?)

Next, the privilege: Yesterday, the Prime Minister recounted the story of how his youngest brother, Michel (who, tragically, was killed in a skiing accident almost 20 years ago), ran afoul of the law when he was caught smoking pot. Their dad, Pierre Trudeau, made a few phone calls to the right people, and, poof, the charge went up in smoke (so to speak), thus sparing the youngest Trudeau a criminal record and his family the embarrassment of it.

Justin was trying to make the point that the ordinary Joe Blow weed smoker who's charged with the same thing Michel was is unlikely to have the same sort of schlep, and, unlike his late bro, will be forced to face the consequences--and isn't that, like, soooo unfair?

Unfortunately, Justin not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, thought he'd come across as empathizing with the hoi polloi whose fathers aren't former prime ministers. Instead, he ended up underscoring how there are two sets of law in the land--one for those born with silver spoons in their mouths, like Justin and his brothers, and one for ordinary schlubs who lack the Patrician Trudeaus' influence and connections.

Seems to me Justin might have run that one by his communications experts before relaying it.

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